LSI Industries Inc

Company Description
LSI stands at the forefront of the restaurant and retail industries, offering a blend of lighting, graphic, and digital solutions. Our lighting expertise focuses on creating an inviting ambiance with energy-efficient designs, complemented by custom retail graphics that visually enhance customer environments. In the digital realm, LSI offers dynamic digital menu boards that modernize and enliven the presentation of menus and promotions. Our digital signage solutions make a striking impact, capturing customer attention from the exterior to the interior of establishments. Additionally, our digital content creation and management solutions streamline the process of designing and updating digital content across various platforms, ensuring brand consistency and ease of use. Together, these offerings from LSI craft a cohesive and engaging customer experience, from the first visual encounter to the final in-store interaction.


  • Digital/Electronic
  • Graphic Design
  • Printing/Promotional Materials
  • Signage

Business Services

  • Menu Development


  • Energy
  • Green Products